Azure Virtual Machine Windows Server

3 min readOct 16, 2021


Create & monitor Azure Virtual machine with the following few steps

Step1: Login Azure portal & Go to the Virtual machine menu

Step2: Create New Resource group

Step3: Browse your OS image

Step4: Size will increase our system performance. If need we can increate the machine size after created the system or based on performance.

Step5: Create an administrator account & Set the INBOUND Roles

Step6: We need to install OS on the disk. So create based on required disk

Step7: The disk will have appeared in disks tab

Step8: Setup the network Connectivity configuration

Step9: In the Management tab, some feature is available those all Monitoring, Identity, Auto-shutdown & Backup

Step10: Finally we can check all the details about VM in the last tab.if you didn’t satisfy virtual machine Cost & Configuration, we can able to change immediately

After deployment succeeded window server machine ready to connect

Step11: If you click “Connect”, it will appear the side menu & download the RDP file to connect VM